Mauricio's story
Hi, I'm Mauricio, and I'm ready to join your family! I'll make a great addition to nearly any household, as I am well behaved and get along with everyone. Inside, I have a calm demeanor and am happy to relax on my dog bed, as long as I'm in the same room as my humans. I looooovvveeeeee my humans! I quickly took to my foster mom and like to follow her around the house - I'm so loyal, I just want to be by her side! I also have a playful side. I have many dog toys that I love to play fetch with, but I'm also happy to entertain myself with them inside for hours. I love going for walks and am great on a leash, but admittedly, I do tug a little if my nose is leading me after a scent I want to investigate. My foster mom can easily redirect me with a happy, "Come, Mauricio!" Then I'm right back on track with her walking path. I'll jog in spurts, but I don't run a ton. I'd love to go on hikes though! I'm cautiously optimistic when meeting new dogs and warm up quickly to them; I play well with others. My foster mom has two cats who haven't come around much, but when they have, I've tried to politely introduce myself, so if I were in a home who had cats that liked to be around dogs, I'm sure I'd do great. I haven't been around any small children, but because I'm so gentle, I'm sure I'd be wonderful with them!! Speaking of gentle, I take treats very respectfully and non-demandingly. I don't counter surf and am potty trained. I've been working on commands with my foster mom and now know "sit" and "come," but would love to learn some more! I am not a barker - in fact, I haven't barked once since joining my foster mom - and I sleep quietly through the night. I love to ride in the car and go on adventures anywhere I'm with my humans! The only specific need I have is that I'll need a family who will be the alpha of my "pack." I'd been adopted once before, but fought with other dog in the home because my humans didn't establish the role of alpha, so I didn't feel protected. I just want to make sure my family knows that I'll need them to take on this role. I don't mean to boast, but it's impossible to not fall in love with me! I deserve a loving home, and you'll quickly see you deserve me, too!
If you are interested in this dog, please fill out an application at Someone will call to schedule a home visit so you can become an approved adopter. Also, visit our Facebook page at /desertlab and follow us on Instagram (DLRR of Arizona) and Twitter (@DLRR). Thanks!

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