Globe Wernicke Oak / Mahogany File Cabinet LOGO LABEL - Reproduction in Phoenix, Arizona

Globe Wernicke File Cabinet LOGO LABEL - reproduction. I have never been able to locate a logo label - for my Globe Wernicke File Cabinets and Stacking Files - so I made one.  Starting with a scan of an existing label, I worked the image to produce this reproduction label - that is the same 1 11/16" in length and about 3/8" high - as the original. When you find Globe files - you can always identify their product by the shape of the file and the quality of their materials. However - most files have lost their logo - when they were refinished or to time.  I have reproduced the logo - using the same water slide application decal that they must have originally used.  I have produced two versions of this label.  This auction is for the PATINA LETTERING LABEL which was produced to reflect an aged appearance. This logo has more variations in tone and colors of the lettering than my “gold N.O.S. – style” logo listed under another auction.  I produced the logo - to include the "period" at the end.  I have noticed that the logo with the period appears to be on the earlier (pre- 1920?) products, when the cabinets were 100% wood including the drawer insides.  I have two stack files that are earlier versions - and they have the period versions of the logo. I also have a later stack file - with the cranberry colored metal drawer insides, and the logo is there - w/o the period.  You can choose what style to use – (period/no period) when you trim the decal prior to installation.For your reference, I have included the directions for the decal installation in the photos of this listing. The decals are soaked in water for a few seconds - and then slid into place, just like the decals when you built a model car or airplane.  Do not over soak - the decal is ready as soon as it is wet enough to slip (move) away from the white paper backing. They do stick to FINISHED wood, provided the surface is free of wax or grease, and you could always top coat them with finish for longevity using a clear coat. I included photos of the INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS in this listing. There is also a photo of the install on my most recent refinish of a Globe file cabinet. To place the decal - I measured the width inside the curved ends, and then I split the distance to find the center - - and used the "o" as the mid-point and slipped the decal into place. On my dark oak cabinet, it did darken down upon installation - but I am happy with it, because it once again announces it was a Globe Wernicke product - Cincinnati, OH.I will ship with USPS First Class Envelope - that is Regular (postage stamp) low cost Mail. The auction price includes FREE shipping for the postage - shipped in a size 10 envelope. US customers only for free shipping.  I WILL INCLUDE TWO LOGOS WITH YOU ORDER for the advertised price- in case you mess one up. You DO NOT need to enter a quantity of 2 - just enter "1" and you will receive TWO! Please leave feedback for me when you receive your item - and I will follow up as well.

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